Agile BizDevOps

Employment Type:Contract
Job Location:Munich Germany
Job Function:

Our client is currently looking for Agile BizDevOps specialists

Job Requirement:

The following skillsets and know how are deemed essential:

  • User access rights management
    Transaction and Inventory data in some cases is linked to client data, thus requiring a compliant data protection and access scheme that preferably integrates with an existing solutions in the bank (e.g. MARIO)
  • User interface and experience design
    Presenting functionalities and data in a user friendly manner is a high priority for this project. The project thus heavily benefits from professional experience on that matter.
  • Web programming skills
    User facing functionalities are to be delivered via a browser based interface, requiring knowledge in both front- and backend web-development. This includes in particular HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and some knowledge of Python.
  • Data access and governance
    As a cross asset initiative the project requires access to multiple data sources. The prospective developers should have experience in setting up robust data connections and how related issues such as associated administrative tasks, data protection, data distribution etc. are achieved in compliance with internal and external regulations (e.g. GDPR).

Agile development with Markets' knowhow (incl. omPP) desirable
Applications are developed jointly with MDD staff, product specialists and end users within Markets. A smooth development and implementation process can thus only be achieved if staff is available on site.