Software/Firmware Engineer (Product)

Employment Type:Contract
Job Location:London United Kingdom
Job Function:

The role is primarily to develop software tools for integrated and cross-correlated signal sensors that are driven by advanced physics based algorithms for complex flow applications. Reporting to the function manager and working closely with other groups and disciplines, you will:

  • Deliver appropriate numerical analysis and simulations – validating it with experiments, interpreting and visualising results for accelerated product design and optimisation
  • Write technical reports and memorandums, present results to various audiences, and continue to develop innovative solutions to optimise our array of products
  • Be an effective member of the R&D group by sharing ideas and suggestions and providing real solutions to our product development and optimisation
  • Where appropriate, take ownership of projects, coordinating with colleagues in other disciplines and managing budgetary and resource requirements and leading to ensure the project delivers to the required specification
  • Be adept to PCP and project management methods such as scrum methodology leading high quality sprint meetings while motivating the team
  • Show significant emotional intelligence to work with colleagues and customers – always to satisfy changing customer’s needs, and hence the scrum
  • Develop firmware for embedded systems using C/C++/python to communicate with sensors and electromechanical systems
  • Work closely with hardware/electrical engineers on PCB layout/testing and software to hardware interfaces
  • Develop the automated system backend software with python API to communicate with / control embedded systems
  • Design and develop software architecture based on system requirements
  • Collaborate closely with an interdisciplinary R&D team to meet project milestones,
  • Maintain thorough and detailed written records
Job Requirement:

We are seeking a strong, multi-talented candidate to join our dynamic, interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers to develop disruptive technologies of tomographic applications with end users primarily in the oil & gas industry but also other industries such as functional brain imaging.

  • You will be a leading and an integral part of a team making decisions on the design and user experience of automated and predictive flow metering platforms and therefore you will focus on the development of both embedded firmware and software
  • Qualified to degree level or higher, preferably with post-doctoral or industrial experience within recognised groups, you have experience with object oriented python to accelerate algorithm implementation in FPGA/ASIC systems
  • You have experience with microcontrollers (ARM, Arduino or PIC), embedded computers and hardware integration
  • You have experience with electrical engineering fundamentals, circuits, PCB design, testing, and troubleshooting
  • You have experience or are in developing software architecture for automated systems and electromechanical components
  • You have excellent written and oral communication, record keeping and organisation, problem solving, and ability to work in a collaborative environment
  • Knowledge and experience in product development processes a plus.