Front End Developer

Employment Type:Contract
Job Location:Zurich Switzerland
Job Function:

We are in search of a skilled Frontend developer with preferred knowledge of VueJs 2 with 4 or more
years of experience in developing enterprise application.

Previous work experiences in the finance/fintech, landscape are considered a bonus.


Technical requirements:
● good knowledge of HTML & CSS:
○ selector, transitions and animations
○ pre/post processors (SASS, etc...)
○ CSS libraries (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc…)


Good knowledge of: Javascript Languange:
○ ES2015 specification
○ DOM traversing & manipulation
○ Components model
○ Data immutability
○ NPM, CLI, Webpack, etc..
○ TypeScript

Familiarity with:
○ code editors / IDE (VS Code, Atom, WebStorm, Sublime Text, …)
○ REST architectures
○ Opens Source & GitHub

Non-technical requirements:
○ basic knowledge of agile & scrum methodologies
○ collaboration & teamworking mindset
○ willing to work in the finance/fintech landscape
It is also considered a bonus the willing to understand and/or learn bits of backend development (Scala)
to become a “T-shaped” developer