Kafka Development Engineer

Employment Type:Contract
Job Location:London United Kingdom
Job Function:

Kafka Development Engineer


Job Location:  

UK, London



EU citizenship


About Technaura

Technaura is the leading provider of consultancy, development and managed services for Fast Data streaming processes. We create solutions that transform a monolith IT system into a modern reactive architecture.

Based on cutting edge technologies like Kubernetes, Kafka, Akka and Play,   Technaura offers platforms that help your business respond faster to the growing requirements.


We specialize in Kafka and Kafka related services. Our distributed streaming platform KubKaf processes streams of records in a fault-tolerant way and in real time, making your business more reactive than ever.  

For more company info:  www.technaura.com


Job Overview

Technaura looking for a Kafka engineer to develop real-time streaming and batch-oriented data pipelines with Kafka. You will be working in close association with our IT team in Budapest to develop, operate and maintain our Kafka platform and services.

Technaura is a startup with highly enthusiastic team determined to transform the technology landscape.  We offer excellent working conditions and work flexibility.


Job Requirement:

Job Requirement:  


  • Work with engineering and business stakeholders to understand data requirements
  • Develop and implement large, evolving, structured and unstructured datasets.
  • Architect low latency high throughput streaming integrations
  • Evaluate and implement efficient distributed storage and query techniques
  • Interact and integrate with internal and external teams and systems to extract, transform, and load data from a wide variety of sources at scale
  • Work with the team and implement a secure and an auditable data infrastructure as required
  • Work with Kafka components ecosystem including Zookeeper, brokers, schema registry, REST proxy, Spring Boot, Java, Scala etc. for stream applications development
  • Develop applications and micro-services using stream based paradigm with Kafka Streams or a similar streaming technology



  • 5+ years of experience in Software Engineering / Data Engineering / Data Warehousing roles
  • 5+ years of experience in Java, C#, Scala or similar programming language
  • 4+ years of experience working with SQL
  • 1+ years of experience working with streaming platforms such as Kafka
  • 1+ years of experience working with NoSQL database such as Mongo DB
  • 2+ years of experience working with a Java IoC Web framework such as Spring Boot


Preferred   Qualifications

Experience working with CI/CD pipelines using tools such as Jenkins

Experience working with messaging systems e.g., RabbitMQ

Experience working with container based development using Docker and Kubernetes