Senior Altiris Consultant

Employment Type:Contract
Schedule:Start Date: 4/1/2020
Job Location:Prague Czech Republic
Job Requirement:

Extensive knowledge of Altiris Client Management Suite and Server Management Suite 7.1 / 7.5 / 8.1 / 8.5
• Altiris Patch Management Solution / Altiris Software Management Solution, Inventory Solution, Remote Management (pcAnywhere), Bomgar, IT Analytics Solution, Application Metering, Deployment Solution
• Very strong knowledge on Altiris Policies, Filters and Tasks
• Must be worked in Highly customized Altiris Environment before, Multiple integrations with More customizations using Altiris.
• Strong knowledge on Configuring Global Settings / schedules in Altiris Software delivery / Patching
• Extensive knowledge on Altiris Patch Management Process, Altiris Agent / Software Update Plug-in functionality.
• Should have worked on MS and Non MS Patching using Altiris, like Java, adobe and Non MS browsers.
• Understanding of Altiris Patch Management Remediation center
• Understanding and working knowledge on Altiris Patch Management Import Settings
• Extensive knowledge on Altiris Agent and Plugin installations.
• Knowledge on Altiris WAS mechanism
• Working knowledge on Altiris Software library / Software Resources
• Good Understanding of Altiris Software delivery Core configurations
• Good Understanding of Altiris RAAD tool (Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics)
• Experience using Altiris in a Complex and Huge Environments with Multiple Notification Servers in Hierarchy
• Extensive Knowledge on Altiris Site Servers and Site Maintenance (Site, Subnets and Site Servers)
• Experience creating custom reports within Altiris 7.1 / 7.5 / 8.1
• Experience of standard hardware and software inventory reporting within Altiris
• Experience with, and working knowledge of SQL Server including creation of custom reports using SQL against the Altiris data.
• Knowledge on using Jobs and Tasks in Altiris, Hands on Experience is must.
• Configuring MS IIS in Altiris Environment, working with Altiris using non default ports.
• Basic understanding of Active Directory User Groups, OUs and knowledge on AD Integration with Altiris.
• Ability to Work with Altiris Automation Policies for Daily monitoring
• MDT 2010, 2012,2013
• Knowledge on AppV, especially working along with Altiris
• Knowledge on Windows 10 Migration / Upgrades using Altiris Software delivery
• Practical Knowledge on Service now, also good understanding of Incident, Problem and Change Management Processes.
• Extensive knowledge on Altiris Integrations like Active directory, DBox, Service Now etc.
• Knowledge on Self Service Portal (Requesting Software via a Portal which is integrated with Altiris).
• Ability Understand, analyze, identify and resolve technical issues related to Altiris Software delivery, Patch Management or Inventory, able to Troubleshooting and analyze the root cause.
• VB or PowerShell Scripting skills in line with Altiris will be a plus.


• Good Communication skills, Verbal and Written.
• Altiris Certifications will be an added advantage
• Should be a Good team player
• strong analytical, problem solving, visualizing and interpersonal skills are needed.